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2 Way Full Lined PFA Lined Plug Valve High Pressure For Silicone Chemical

2 Way Full Lined PFA Lined Plug Valve High Pressure For Silicone Chemical

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    Full Lined PFA Lined Plug Valve


    2 Way PFA Lined Plug Valve


    2 Way High Pressure Plug Valve

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    Stainless Steel,Casting,Forged Carbon Steel/stainless Steel
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    Medium Pressure,High Pressure
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    Normal Temperature
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    PFA Lined Plug Valve
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2 Way Full Lined PFA Lined Plug Valve High Pressure For Silicone Chemical

PFA Full Lined 300lbs Plug Valve for Silicone Chemical

Technical Specification

Design and Manufacture Standard:
ASME B16.34, HG/T 3704

Face-to-face Dimension: ASME B16.10 , GB/T 12221

Flange Standard: ASME B 16.5 ,GB/T 9119 ,DIN ,JIS

Inspection and Testing: API 598, GB/T 13927

Product Specification

Body Material:
WCB, ASTM A395 , CF8 ,CF8M

Lining Material: PTFE , PFA, FEP

Nominal Diameter: 1/2"-14"(DN15~DN350)

Pressure Range: Class150 , Class300 , PN10 , PN16

Operation Method: Manual , Worn gear ,Electric ,Pneumatic actuator

Youfumi fully lined plug valves are cavity-free dueto the special body design, the liner is firmlylocked.

Plug coating is extended over the shaft sealing.

The lining are moulded into dovetail recesses inthe body to lock them in place to prevents linercollapse in vacuum conditions and blow out in highpressure conditions.

Two way cavity free designs prevent accumulationof particulate matter making it an ideal choice forslurry application.

There is ideal taper design for the plug and thebody cavity. When it failures to seal as a result ofworn in using process, the three adjusting bolts inthe cover work for external adjustment of in-lineseal, to assure a maximum sealing capability andan extended service life.

Top sealing components form the second sealing.When the sealing surface failures to work,itprevents medium leaking through the valve stem.

Disassemble the four bolts on the cover, all theparts in valve can be took out,and replace theparts directly without the need to remove valvefrom pipeline.

Lined three-way plug valve is the best choice forcorrosive diverter valve application.

It can sustain any corrosive medium in addition tothe “molten alkali metals and fluorine elements”. Itis ideal products used in chlor-alkali, industrial inorganic chemicals, metal and mining, nitrogen andphosphatic fertilizers,petroleum refining.pharmaceutical etc.

Lining material: PFA, FEP, PO etc.

Operation methods: manual, worm gear, electric,pneumatic and hydraulic actuator.

Youfumi lined plug valves are available as per theneeds of applications in additional sizes and otherthan standard materials.

A perfectly fixed PFA body liner is well anchored to the body by means of machined T-slots. The plug substrate has anchor holes
to ensure that the PFA liner material is securely attached to the plug.
Due to the selected mode to lock the liner to the valve body and plug, the plug valve series is very suitable for extreme service conditions
including vacuum applications at elevated temperatures.
The PFA body liner covers all wetted surfaces in the body.
Due to it’s large sealing surface a tight shut-off is assured.
In addition to the large seating area the valve is fully bi-directional and the seal is totally independent of line pressure.
No disassembly required to restore seating; plug can be reseated with a quick and easy in-line adjustment.
An open end wrench and a few seconds are the extent of your maintenance requirements.
There are:
No seats to replace.
No lengthy production disruption.
No piping disconnection.
No complicated, time-consuming maintenance procedures.
No hazards to personnel.
Secure Sealing
A dynamic self-adjusting, self energized reverse lip PFA diaphragm seal prevents stem leakage.
If line pressure forces liquid to the stem seal area, the self energizing reverse lip PFA diaphragm will be forced against the
stem to prevent external leakage.
A sealing surface as much as 10x greater than other lined valves assures drop tight shut-off.
In addition to the large sealing area, sealing is both upstream and downstream and is totally independent of line pressure.

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