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Zhejiang Youfumi Valve Co., Ltd. +86-577-56662028
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We focus on PFA Lined Ball Valve, PFA Lined Plug Valve, PFA Lined Check Valve, PTFE Lined Butterfly Valve products and so on

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China Zhejiang Youfumi Valve Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Youfumi Valve Co., Ltd.

YFM (Youfumi Group) is a specialist in the fields of design and manufacture lined valves, pipeline and fittings for more than 30 years, providing flow solutions for corrosive and aggressive fluids in petrolum and chemical industries, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing, electrical, shipbuilding, metallurgy, military, semiconductor chemistry, electronic phosphoric acid and other modern corrosion prevention fields. YFM International (Youfumi UK Ltd) is based in London to better serve the international customers, and also established the one-stop shopping site on the internet to simplify the traditional purchase process, and to make it easy for you to shop online on your desktop or mobile device. YFM International is also a communication platform for sharing knowledge and information, ...

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We are Trusted by World Famous Companies. Sinopec Tier One Supplier, CNPC(China National Petroleum Corporation) Tier One, LG, SK, POSCO, Foosung

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